Success Stories

Read the stories of women just like you and be inspired by their journeys. Joining the Curves community has powerfully changed their lives for the better and impacted their health and wellbeing in ways they never thought possible.

DeAnn - Curves of East Greenville, PA

"In March 2015, I went for a physical exam and my doctor told me that my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were very high, and my blood sugar levels put me in the pre-diabetic category. I started my journey by going to Curves and radically changing my diet. Through my transformation with Curves, I began living a life as a strong, confident woman. My weight loss and strengthening experience gave me the resolve to turn over a new leaf as an independent, powerful woman. Upon return to my doctor just a few months later, I was down 40 pounds**. Curves helped keep me accountable and challenged me – physically and emotionally. I am proud to be a Curves member and part of the safe and supportive community for women."
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Erin - Curves of Natomas, CA

"My struggle with weight started at a very young age. Every day was a battle with the mirror, so I realized I needed to make a change. This is how I ended up falling in love with Curves. I love that I can push myself and adjust the machines to my fitness level as well as the support of my Curves Coach, which inspired me to become a Curves Coach too."

Sheila - Curves of Wytheville, VA

"For as long as I can remember, I’ve been battling my weight. I dove in head-first at Curves and got to work. I started seeing results and was so proud of how hard I was working on myself, which resulted in a 27 lb. weight loss*** in my first three months."

Sandra - Curves of Langley, BC

"For years I had been telling myself that it didn’t matter that I was overweight. I was still the same person inside regardless of my size and convinced myself that I was okay. As I became stronger and more confident, I started trying new Curves classes and challenging myself further. After 2½ years at Curves, I’ve lost 100 pounds** and have never felt better."

Lori - Curves of Yorktown Heights, NY

"Once my friends and family began noticing and making positive comments about my progress, I felt my motivation increasing, making the journey a little easier. One of the best choices I have made in my life was to take a chance on Curves. I am proud to say that at 40 years old, I am stronger, healthier and wiser than I have ever been. After 3 years at Curves, I have lost over 85 pounds**."
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